2019 Research Spotlight: David A. Hood in the news discussing exercise and healthy aging

In recent months, YU-CARE member David A. Hood and colleagues have presented upon the relationship between exercise and the aging process. The research produced by Dr. Hood and his colleagues at the York University Muscle Health Research Centre is impactful along the themes of the physiology of aging and healthy aging promotion. This spring, Dr. […]

2019 Research Spotlight: Dr. Gary Turner presents cognitive aging in a new light

Research Summary In recent months, YU-CARE Steering Committee member Dr. Gary Turner from the Department of Psychology has significantly contributed to the study of the cognitive neuroscience of aging. Dr. Turner's research uses MRI techniques to investigate how brain functioning is related to cognitive changes that occur in older adulthood. His recent studies expand beyond […]

2019 Research Spotlight: Brad A. Meisner stimulates a dialogue about leisure and community activities and healthy aging

Research Summary This year, YU-CARE Steering Committee member Brad A. Meisner from the School of Kinesiology and Health Science has significantly contributed to studying the important relationships between leisure and community activities and healthy aging. Meisner's studies, linked below, argue that the meaningful inclusion and involvement of older adults in leisure and community activities are […]

2019 Research Spotlight: Dr. Mary Fox awarded CIHR grants for aging and health services studies

Exciting and important new research is coming! This spring, YU-CARE Steering Committee member Dr. Mary Fox was awarded funding from two Canadian Institutes of Health Research grants to evaluate and improve health care services in Canadian rural communities. In March, Dr. Fox was awarded funding for a three-year project aimed to improve hospital-to-home transitional care […]