About Us

The Faculty of Health hosted a lively dialogue on June 24th 2008 on the topic of Graceful Aging. Attended by researchers from Health, as well as other Faculties on campus, and by key external guests, the event sought to build a shared view of where York University and its partners collectively excel now in relation to Graceful Aging, and what we might achieve if we chose to work together. We were fortunate to have Maurice French, a motivational speaker and true example of aging gracefully, share his thoughts with the group. The outcome of this event was the development of our shared vision, mission, goals and activities as outlined on this web page.


Promote graceful aging by approaching aging with active and positive responses to changes and challenges throughout the aging process on a societal and individual level.


Contribute to improved health and well being for older adults.


The mission of the York University Centre for Aging Research and Education will be achieved by:

  • creating new educational opportunities for our students and the community.
  • supporting and conducting research that includes an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to health and wellness, and respects and recognizes cultural diversity.
  • working towards turning research findings into policies.
  • engaging in knowledge mobilization by sharing practical information with the general public and community agencies.
  • enhancing existing educational opportunities for professionals working with seniors.