2019 Research Spotlight: Dr. Tamara Daly

Social Politics journal cover


YU-CARE Director Tamara Daly has recently co-authored a study in Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society. The article, titled Borrowed Time and Solidarity: The Multi-Scalar Politics of Time and Gendered Care Work explores the impact of the larger policy context of care work on the ability of care workers to provide quality care.


Exploring long-term residential care (Ontario, Canada), we argue that within the context of late neoliberalism, care time is political, contested, and multi-scalar. Multi-scalar time captures the way that time commodifies, disciplines, and delimits workers’ experience of care, and fractures human relations and solidarities. Drawing on data from nonprofit nursing homes in Canada, the article explores how the larger policy context of care work shapes and hinders workers’ abilities to spend time caring and building relationships with residents, how workers negotiate care provision in austere environments, and how workers use borrowed time to de-commodify care and find spaces for solidarity.

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